My Favorite Tools #4 – Bending a Figure 8 Hook

Short video on how to make the Figure 8 propeller hook for rubber model airplanes

Miles M.18 front end showing braided rubber motor loaded onto the Figure 8 prop hook

This 4th short video in our My Favorite Tools series includes:

  • The right pliers for the job (roundnose, needlenose, etc)
  • Why make a Figure 8 prop hook?
  • Bending the Figure 8 prop hook
  • Loading the rubber motor onto the prop hook
  • Overview of other front end components (e.g., winding hook, free wheeler)

Watch the video 

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My Favorite Tools – Little Giant Planer

For shaping balsa or other softwood leading and trailing edges, the Little Giant 3 Way Curve Razor Blade Planer is the proper tool.

Little Giant Razor Blade Planer disassembled to show blade

NOTE: this tool is not a toy and should not be used unsupervised by children.  

Hi Gang.  Every now and then, we’d like to highlight some of the little tricks of the trade that we use to design, develop, build and fly scale models of aircraft of the Golden Age of Aviation.

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Announcing The Gee!

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I’m excited to let you know about our new site .  Tom1 and I talked about doing this for a number of years, but with work & kids it never happened.  Now it has. 

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