Purchase / Order

Q: Can I buy The Gee Bee.com products anywhere other than through the website?
A: Yes.  Gee Bee Art Cards will be available in aviation-related gift shops and bookstores.  Check out your local air museum and ask for Gee Bee Art Cards.

Q: What about Model Plans?
A: Available via thegeebee.com website only.  Tom Nallen plans are available as digital downloads (PDF) to eliminate shipping charges and speed delivery anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I pay by credit card when ordering through thegeebee.com website?
A: Yes, most major credit cards, as well as Pay Pal, are accepted in our secure online shopping cart checkout process.       

Q: Will I get an order confirmation for orders placed online?
A: Yes.  You will receive an order confirmation email after your order is completed on thegeebee.com and your order will typically ship within 5 business days.    
Q: Will you accept personal checks or money orders?
A: For individual orders, no.  For retailers buying in greater volume, yes.                                 

Art Cards

Q: Is that original Aviation Art on these Gee Bee Notecards?
A: Yes, Tom Nallen I created these original sketch art pieces while he was producing the documentary “Those Incredible Gee Bees” in the mid 1980’s.                                

Q: Can I purchase individual Gee Bee notecards, or do I always need to order a boxed set?
A: Yes, you can purchase individual notecards from our website, however it’s more cost effective to order a boxed set(s).  
Q: Are larger prints of the original Gee Bee artwork available?
A: Not at this time.  Reprints may become available in the future if customers request.                           

Model Plans

Q: Only 13 Tom Nallen plans?  I thought there would be more available.
A: The complete Nallen portfolio totals more than 140 plans.  These will be “published” and released to the site on a periodic basis.  The intent is all released plans will be magazine-quality – many were drawn to build the original model and need some finishing.                          

Q: How will I know when new plans are released to thegeebee.com?
A: Easy. Subscribe to our Around the Pylon newsletter  to receive updates on new Tom Nallen and Golden Age Reproductions Plan releases, plus other interesting Gee Bee/Aviation History and Aeromodelling topics.  As a subscriber, you will receive a 20% discount on any items purchased.

Q: How does the 20% discount work?
A: When you submit the Subscription form, you will immediately receive an email with a Promotion Code that you can apply on the Checkout page each time you purchase products on thegeebee.com .  The Promotion Code will work as long as you are an active subscriber to Around the Pylon.

Q: What’s the deal with Golden Age Reproductions Plans?  I thought Golden Age was purchased by Peck & Polymers?
A: Peck purchased only the Golden Age Reproductions kit line.  The high quality, full-size offset-printed Golden Age Reproductions Plans inventory is being made available through thegeebee.com .    

Q: Some of these plans are available as free downloads on the internet.  Why should I buy them here?
A: In a word, Quality. Often, the plan files you’ll find online are scans of copies and the resolution will provide a sub-standard print quality at large format print sizes.  GAR Plans were offset printed with metal plates created from a commercial quality photo-lithography process.   These are the highest quality large-format prints at a price comparable to copy shop digital prints.                            

Q: Will the Tom Nallen Plans download files print in high quality?
A: Yes.  The large-format PDF files were created directly from the original CAD drawings and will print in high-resolution just fine on your home printer, or at your local copy shop for large format prints.   Two downloads of the plan are allowed within 90 days of purchase in case you misplace the original PDF file on your computer. 

Q: Can I share Plan download files with others?
A: No, please refer others to www.thegeebee.com so they can purchase and download their own copy.  We think the price of the Plan download option is very reasonable given the magazine-quality content offered.   An unobtrusive “licensed to” line is attached to each PDF plan file as it is downloaded.


Q: Will I be charged for shipping if I order a Tom Nallen plan digital download?  What if I order a boxed set(s) of notecards in addition to the plan digital download?
A: You will never be charged shipping for digital download plans – whether it’s a single plan or 100.  If you order a boxed set(s) of Gee Bee notecards in addition to the digital download plan, you will be charged USPS First Class Mail rates to ship the notecard set(s) in a box.

Q: If I order printed plans, how will they be shipped?
A: 1-5  printed plans will be shipped folded in a large envelope,  more than 6 plans will be shipped rolled in tube.  If you want rolled plans, please order more than 5 plans on a single order.  It’s OK to mix Nallen and GAR Plans to get to the total.  USPS First Class Mail rates will be charged.

Q: What if I order a boxed set(s) of Gee Bee notecards and printed plans on the same order?
A: We encourage this type of cross-product order, and you will only be charged shipping for the notecard set(s); shipping is free for the printed plans, whether folded in envelope (1-5 plans) or rolled in a tube (6 or more plans).

Q: What if I’m ordering from outside the United Sates?
A: USPS First Class International Mail shipping will be used outside of the U.S..  International shipping rates are higher so we suggest bundling customer physical product orders where possible and taking advantage of the digital download option for Tom Nallen plans where shipping is not required.  


Q: I run an aviation museum gift shop; can I set up a recurring Purchase Order (P.O.)?  Is a retailer rate card available?
A: Yes; please contact us to discuss details, get a quote and set up an account.