Join the Start-to-Finish build of the Miles M.18

We’ll document this Build in a series of photo essay posts.

Share your questions, tips and techniques, in the comment stream


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Join the Miles M.18 Build!

Join the start-to-finish Build of the Tom Nallen-designed Miles M.18 Mk2 rubber powered free flight scale model. 

This relatively simple FAC Scale model will make a nice addition to your fleet.  The model can also be flown in the FAC Low Wing Military Trainer event if finished in the appropriate color scheme.

We’ll document this Build in a series of photo essay style posts to the Aeromodelling blog on   Why not build one along with the group and share your questions, tips and techniques, in the comment stream on the posts?  We can all learn from each other.

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Nallen Printed Plans On Hold


Nallen printed plans are temporarily unavailable due to rising printing costs.  

Download PDF plans are available.

Stay tuned for new printed plans alternatives


Nallen Printed Plans Update

Due to substantially rising large-format plans printing costs, Nallen printed plans are temporarily unavailable. 

Nallen plans are still available as PDF Download. 

Golden Age Reproductions Plans remain available in high-quality offset prints.

We are evaluating new alternatives for making large-format Nallen plan prints available at an attractive cost.  Stay tuned.

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Around the Pylon First Issue Released


The first issue of the Around the Pylon online newsletter was sent on Thursday May, 28, 2020.  


J. Jenkins Model E Westover 1992
Jim Jenkins Model E replica dashboard

Around the Pylon Issue #1 Released

The first issue of the Around the Pylon online newsletter was sent on Thursday May, 28, 2020.  

In each issue of Around the Pylon, we’ll bring you new Aviation History and Aeromodelling posts along with new plan releases into the Nallen and Golden Age Reproductions Plans portfolios.

We’re still settling into the cockpit and getting familiar with the instruments here, so bear with us as we get up to speed. 

Speaking of instruments, isn’t that a neat photo of the dashboard of Jim Jenkins’ beautiful Model E replica at the top of this post?  It was taken by Henry Haffke at an airshow in 1992 at Westover AFB in MA, where both the Benjamin R2 and Jenkins Model E replicas were flying.  Wow!  Perhaps we’ll share additional pics taken at this show in future posts.

Back to Around the Pylon (AtP) – if you’re not receiving it yet, sign up at the link below.  It’s free and you’ll get a 20% discount coupon code to use on The Gee 

If you’re already subscribed, first thanks!  And second, if the AtP email lands in your Spam or Promotions folder, you’ll need to mark it as not Spam – and enable image display while you’re at it.  Copies of AtP will not be retained on The Gee, but the featured content of course will be – check out the Blog page for an archive of all posts shared through Around the Pylon.

New Plan Releases

Tom Nallen Plans:
Granville, Miller & deLackner Q.E.D. – 24in wingspan, Free Flight Scale Model
Golden Age Reproductions Plans:
Eight new additions to the GAR Plans portfolio have been made available for purchase.

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                  Tom Nallen’s 2017


Tom & Bob Hall, Gee Bee Z designer

Free Flight Scale Gee Bee Model X


Announcing The Gee!

I’m excited to let you know about our new site .  Tom1 and I talked about doing this for a number of years, but with work & kids it never happened.  Now it has. 

I’d like to do my part to help keep the Granville and Gee Bee story alive.  I’ve talked with June Granville (Dakin) and she’s fully supportive.  We’d like to tie in aeromodeling/scale modeling as a rewarding activity that can make aviation history come alive.  We’ll use as a platform to release the many model airplane plans we’ve drawn over the last 50yrs or so.  Many of these are large-format and not suitable for newsletter publication…and we all know what’s happened to the model mags that used to run our sort of stuff.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and through an agreement with Jim Fiorello, Golden Age Reproductions Plans are being made available through The Gee  as well.  These are the original, high-quality Joe Fitzgibbon offset prints, not copies.  We’ll start with ~30 plans with another 200 or so to come over time if there is interest.

There are no illusions of profit-making, but stuff on The Gee is not free either.  This may wind up as a non-profit org and we have some ideas there, but first things first.

Anyway, check out the site and I hope you sign up for the free bi-monthly Around The Pylon newsletter – we’ve lost some of these lately too.  Around The Pylon will be brief and online-only.  We plan to share interesting bits from the Len Wieczorek, Bert Pond and other collections as well as new plan releases, freebie downloads and FF modeling stuff.  Subscribers get 20% discounts.  Contributors to the newsletter are welcome so let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

Please help spread the word by sharing this Announcement.

Hopefully society will reopen soon and we can return to our lives.

Thanks  and see you on the flightline,

Tom Nallen2

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