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Golden Age Reproductions Planbook 1975

Joe Fitzgibbon,
co-founder Golden Age Reproductions

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We are pleased to offer full-sized construction plans from the well-known Golden Age Reproductions (GAR) Plans portfolio.

Inspired by the 1975 aeromodeller muse tome “The Best Of The GOLDEN AGE Of Flying Models”, the GAR Plans portfolio includes plans of models that were representative of the most popular models of the 1930’s.  These classic stick & tissue free flight model designs have proven to be outstanding flyers.   Some of the most popular Flying Aces Club (FAC) events were developed around these plans.

When Quality Counts

These printed plans are from the original Golden Age Reproductions Plans inventory – offset printed with metal plates created from a commercial quality photo-lithography process.   We are offering the highest quality large-format prints at a price comparable to lower quality copy shop digital prints.

 They’re as good now as they were years ago.  Try one (or several) and see for yourself!

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