Comet C-1 Pursuit – 15in wingspan


NOTE: There is some photographic distortion in the preview at left – the plan is perfect!

Good beginner/intermediate skill-level stick & tissue free flight rubber powered biplane sport model.  This is the original, classic Comet C-1 Pursuit, inspired by the sleek and colorful U.S. biplane fighter planes of the 1930’s.  With no curved flying surface outlines to cut from sheet balsa, the framework is fairly simple to build.  Assembly can be simplified by building a one-piece lower wing with a centersection that fits into a wing saddle in the lower fuselage sides.  Set the lower wing with just a hint of positive incidence (leading edge higher than trailing edge).  The top wing support should mount in 1/16 sheet balsa in the top flat part between formers 3 and 4.  Install a 1/16 dia aluminum tube or dowel motor peg in a 1/16×3/8 balsa support cemented aft of the upright between the lower wing trailing edge and the front of the stabilizer.  Fit a removable noseblock/noseplug assembly and a modern 6 in plastic prop with 1 loop of 1/8 Tan rubber 15 inches long to start flight trimming.  Try not to make motor noises as you run around your house with this model!

Qualifies to fly in FAC Sport event and simple, pure fun flying in your backyard.


Full size model airplane construction plan shipped from original Golden Age Reproductions Plans inventory.   25 x 19 inch plan printed on 20# white bond paper.  1-5 plans shipped folded in envelope, >6 plans shipped rolled in tube.

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 25 × 19 × .01 in

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