Art Chester Jeep Tomasco – 20 in wingspan


NOTE: There is some photographic distortion in the preview at left – the plan is perfect!

This is an intermediate skill-level stick & tissue rubber powered free flight scale  model.  This model is an excellent flyer.  Chet Bukowski, a top flyer in the early days of the Flying Aces Club (FAC), built one of these and dominated the first FAC Greve Race Mass Launch events.  I cannot recall whether Chet modified the wing rib section, but I’m certain that he installed a motor peg and balsa support at the fuselage upright at former F-4.  He also likely enlarged the horizontal stabilizer and built it one-piece to mount ontop of the upper fuselage longeron.  With a carved balsa propeller, his “Jeep” model was a slow and stable flyer.  Give this one a try and stand out at the FAC Greve Race flightline!

Qualifies to fly in FAC Greve Race, FAC Scale, Simplified Scale events.


Full size model airplane construction plan shipped from original Golden Age Reproductions Plans inventory.   19 x 25 inch plan printed on 20# white bond paper.  1-5 plans shipped folded in envelope, >6 plans shipped rolled in tube.

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 25 × 19 × .01 in

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