1930’s Consolidated BT-7 Basic Trainer – 32.5in wingspan


This 1930’s U.S. Army Air Corps primary training aircraft makes a great flying and colorful park flyer RC model.  With a 32 inch wingspan, this biplane design is built lightly enough to fly slowly in small spaces.  It’s big enough to fly and see well, yet small enough to transport easily in smaller vehicles. This unique design captures the essence of pre-war flying scale models in a modern small field RC design.  Fun is what it’s all about!


Designed by noted sport and scale model airplane designer Tom Nallen, this black and white plan includes full-sized top, side and front views of all components such that they can be built directly over the plan.  Stick and sheet balsa stock dimensions are indicated on the plan and all sheet balsa parts are printed full-size for use as templates in cutting out accurate parts to construct the model framework.  This is an Intermediate/Advanced-level model to build and fly and is a good follow-on to a monoplane park flyer RC model..

Model construction plan fits on a single Architectural D (24×36 inches)  sheet.  Plan download and print options available.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.25 × .125 in
Plan Delivery

PDF Download, Printed 20# Paper