Tom Nallen’s 2017

Tom & Bob Hall, Gee Bee Z designer 1985

Tom’s at FAC Nationals 1994

Hello.  We’re Tom Nallen – both of us, father and son.  Welcome to our website.

We’ve been hard-core aviation enthusiasts and aeromodellers for most of our lives.  It’s been a wonderful journey together and we’d like to share some of our favorite things with you.  

Check out the Gee Bee Notecards  that Tom (the elder) created while he was producing the documentary “Those Incredible Gee Bees” which features many of the original designers and key players in the Gee Bee Story. 

Or how about the scale model plans from the Nallen portfolio?  You’ll find plans for good flying models of Gee Bee aircraft – and many other scale and sport model aircraft designs as well. 

One of Tom’s loves was the Granville Brothers and their fabulous Gee Bee aircraft.  The iconic Gee Bee racer from his birthplace of Springfield, Massachusetts represents in many ways the thrill and romance of aviation’s “golden age” from 1920-1940.  Hence the name for this website.